• Artisanal Butters inspired by Asian flavours

Meraki [mah-rah-kee]

was crafted with a simple idea in mind; to put a piece of yourself, creativity and love into what you do.

Our compound butters are just that.

What are compound butters?

Compound butters are mixtures of butter and supplementary ingredients. They are primarily used as flavour enhancers - melt them over hot steak, stir a dollop into a pot of creamy risotto, or simply spread them over a freshly-baked bread.  Be surprised by the complexity and layers these butters add to your daily fare. Discover recipe ideas here.

Our Signature Flavours

Kombu Butter

Made from Japanese kelp, premium shoyu and a little bit of magic - this true classic imparts a deep, umami flavour that makes it great as a spread and awesome to cook with.

Sze Chuan Mala

Tangy peppercorns, chilli peppers and fragrant spices brought together in a delicious buttery blend. Packs a punch, but not overwhelmingly so.

Salted Egg Yolk Butter

One of the most well-loved local flavours, our very own version is crafted with salted egg yolks, dehydrated curry leaves and a playful kick of spice.

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Signature Butters Trio Gift Set


Sample all three of our signature flavours at once through this bundle! Includes Sze Chuan Mala Butter, Kombu Butter and Salted Egg Yolk Butter.


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